Constanze Mozart

Mozart Mass in C Minor K.427

Sunday 5 November 2023
Lennox Head Cultural Centre | 1 Mackney Lane, Lennox Head

Mozart never wrote all the sections needed for a mass, yet even in its unfinished form the Mass in C Minor is Mozart at his most dazzling. You get Mozart the opera composer, Mozart the composer of sacred vocal music, and Mozart the explorer of Baroque counterpoint... all wrapped into one.

Mozart’s Mass in C minor, published soon after the composer’s death, is now a standard part of the concert repertoire.

Join us with the Lismore Symphony Orchestra and a community choir of 120 for this year's Big Sing!

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Note for those with their own score: We are using Richard Maunder's edition for this performance.  His completion is significantly different from all other editions, and in Nicholas Routley's opinion the best available. Please learn the music from this edition. For choral rehearsal purposes it is essential that we all rehearse from that edition, so that we are all (literally) on the same page.

One registration at a time please - we need to know who everybody is.