Sunday 17 June 2018 | 3pm
Mullumbimby Civic Memorial Hall

The Gold Coast Chamber Orchestra are joined by the wonderful Orava String Quartet, to play Tchaikovsky, Elgar, Debussy and Rachmaninov.

Debussy - string quartet
Rachmaninov - Romance
Tchaikovsky - Serenade for strings
Elgar - serenade for string quartet and strings

The Orava Quartet are: Daniel Kowalik (violin), Karol Kowalik (cello), Thomas Chawner (viola), and David Dalseno (violin)

The Gold Coast Chamber Orchestra are:
Violins: Hugh Won, Nigel Bardsley, Chen Yang, Alison Fletcher, Merrilyn Bear, Brie Ramirez, Michael Russo, Jenny Dalseno, Lisa Mason, Helen Moffat, Mark Meekin, Kate Oakley-Grant
Violas: Iris Doo, Byron Mengel, Charlotte Ashcroft, Michael McCabe
Cellos: Deborah Davis, Helen Hurst, Catherine Lee
Double Bass: Harry Mulhall

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